FERTILITYCARE- A system enabling TRUE reproductive health

The FertilityCare™ Programme is a holistic, medical approach to reproductive health which enables individuals to truly understand the ‘mystery of fertility’. In today’s society, much ignorance exists about how normal fertility works. In recent decades, society has tried to facilitate the workings of human fertility predominately through regimes of artificial fertility regulation, and artificial reproductive technologies such as IVF. But with the growing awareness of environmental ecology, there is also a growing awareness of human ecology, and reproductive ecology in particular. Because of this, women and couples are seeking out healthier, safer and more effective options where infertility exists, and when wanting to plan their families.

THE CREIGHTON MODEL - a powerful system of cycle tracking

The Creighton Model is the most contemporary and effective form of Natural Fertility Management available today. It is a highly reliable form of family planning that works in harmony with your body.

Founded on a deep respect for human fertility, this medically based model has evolved through more than 40 years of research by Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Thomas Hilgers and his research team in the USA. It relies upon biological markers or ‘signs’ that are essential to human fertility.

These biological signs tell a couple specifically when they are fertile or infertile during the cycle, as well as indicate various gynaecological abnormalities.

With regards to Family Planning, the Creighton Model does not involve any barriers, harmful chemical hormones, physical devices or any surgical techniques to suppress or interfere with normal fertility. It harnesses the female body’s capacity to regulate fertility naturally.

Once you know exactly what days you can become pregnant, you have 2 options

  • TO AVOID PREGNANCY, selectively use days of infertility (most of the month)
  • TO ACHEIVE PREGNANCY (limited time in the month), selectively use days of fertility

More than simply family planning…

What distinguishes the Creighton Model from all other natural methods is that it is far more than a method of family planning. It is part of a programme that teaches couples how to ‘care’ for their fertility and is a critical tool in assessing and treating infertility, miscarriage and gynaecological or reproductive abnormalities. It can play a key role in the early detection and prevention of gynaecological problems.

The new fertility awareness that flows from the use of the system encourages new and deeper levels of understanding for couples. Family planning and infertility assessment/treatment becomes a shared responsibility and couples determine together the times of fertility and infertility within the cycles.

Many couples today complain of sexual boredom. With the use of the Creighton Model, this rarely happens. In fact, couple’s report new depths of ‘non-genital’ expression of their love. Women often report feeling more loved because men are willing to take an active interest in their reproductive health and work at building their relationship holistically. Men often find that the system enhances their ability to be tender and loving in a deeper way which may not happen if their partners were constantly available for genital intercourse.

NAPROTECHNOLOGY - Medical assessment and treatment


NaproTechnology (Natural Procreative Reproductive Technology) is a recently developed reproductive science which works hand in hand with FertilityCare™.

NaproTechnology uses an in-depth knowledge of the woman’s cycle obtained from the FertilityCare™ chart to help diagnose the underlying cause/s of infertility. In listening to the woman’s cycle, NaproTechnology frequently detects problems that standard infertility evaluation misses.

In today’s climate where 1 in 6 couples experiences infertility, this system has tremendous advantages–especially for those who approach childbearing later in life.

If a couple are tracking their signs of fertility we can identify very specific biomarkers, which give an indication of reduced fertility potential or increased risk of miscarriage. If specific abnormal signs are identified on the fertility chart, the FertilityCare™ Practitioner can inform the couple and refer them to a specially trained NaProTechnology Medical Consultant to scientifically evaluate their fertility and possibly prevent a miscarriage even before they try to conceive.

This is very new and advanced thinking in the area of reproductive health that generally does not consider miscarriage a problem until the couple have had three.

Regarding infertility, early treatment offers the best chance of success. If there are signs of reduced fertility, couples can make a more informed decision regarding when they would like to try to conceive based on their individual fertility chart.

Basic research into understanding what normal fertility charting patterns should look like allows us to recognise abnormal charting patterns that are associated with infertility.

NaproTechnology addreses both male and female infertility as well as recurrent miscarriage.