Countless women and couples globally, have used the Creighton Model and the medical science of NaproTechnology with incredible success. Read about some of the many who have sought assistance with FertilityCare for Infertility, family planning, and women’s reproductive healthcare...

After trying 13 years to conceive, we had practically given up hope...

Neither myself nor my husband wished to pursue IVF due to health and ethical concerns. My husband had a very low sperm count and I was diagnosed with PCOD which was never really treated. My cycles were all over the place and it wasn’t until I began tracking using Creighton that we could clearly pinpoint the limited time of fertility in my irregular cycles. Pinpointing fertility was also important due to Andrew’s poor sperm production. Tracking helped me to feel like I was taking charge of this unexplained situation for the first time ever. We conceived after 11 months in the programme and have since given birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl. We hope to try for another soon. Kitty & Andrew (35) 

Following 7 miscarriages, I felt at a loss as to what to do.

It seemed there was no gynaecologist or fertility expert that could help us…and we really scoured the country to find the best. Nothing was offered to us except to ‘keep trying’. I knew there was something underpinning it all, but no one seemed able to help us. The FertilityCare programme was mentioned to me by a friend’s sister. In the very first cycle of tracking my fertility (I thought I already knew all there was to know about charting), it was immediately evident that I suffered a short luteal phase with 5 days of light pre menstrual spotting. Accurate blood tests were taken according to my daily charting pattern and I was able to receive treatment for low progesterone and an immune system problem that no one else had detected or treated. It was a precious moment when our baby boy was born! We have since given birth to a second child because of the FertilityCare programme and I am now tracking to space out further pregnancies. Emma (38) 

I started learning about my fertility when I realised that I didn’t want to keep taking the Pill or anything that wasn’t natural.

I was 25 at the time, and not wishing to get pregnant, but at some point in the future, hoped to have children. I was as ignorant about my body as most of my girlfriends and work colleagues when it came to fertility and reproductive health, but I realised that I had to start taking good care of myself and that included my fertility, not just regular exercise and good eating. The Creighton Model taught me how to know myself and know what was going on each month, which I found really gave me incredible confidence. Marie (29)

It feels great to be my old happy self again – full of energy and with no mood swings!

I’ve always had terrible PMS. One GP told me it was all in my head! Another mentioned I should try taking anti-depressants. I always felt my hormones were not quite right and I didn’t like the idea of taking antidepressants if my low mood swings and other PMS symptoms were because of a hormonal imbalance. I started tracking using the Creighton model which enabled accurate blood tests. This showed seriously low progesterone after I ovulated. With some natural progesterone taken according to my cycle tracking, I was able to eliminate the low moods, breast tenderness and irritability that was seriously beginning to affect my relationship and my well- being. This really is an amazing holistic approach to reproductive health. Martina (33)

It’s brilliant to be able to avoid pregnancy with such a great level of confidence and so naturally

My doctor recommended I use the Creighton Model when I turned 44. He knew we wanted to avoid a pregnancy but that I needed to come off the pill after using it for far too long and we didn’t like the thought of condoms. The Creighton Model has really helped me, for the first time in my life, I truly understand my cycles and use that information to watch the changes in my body as I enter the menopause. It has been a safe and highly effective method to avoid pregnancy and I recommend it to all my friends in the pre-menopausal stage of life. Penny (48) and John (50)

We feel closer to each other now than we ever did using artificial methods!

My husband often said he didn’t feel as close to me when we used condoms as when we didn’t, and also complained that it affected the spontaneity of our love making. To be able to effectively use the Creighton model to avoid pregnancy for the past 4 years and to be able to feel totally intimate with each other when love making has brought a deeper level of closeness to our relationship. I feel we are really working with nature and reaping the physical and emotional benefits! David and Charlotte, (34) 

Everyone struggling with infertility needs to know about this hugely successful treatment option

We were told we had ‘unexplained infertility’ and would not be able to conceive without IVF. This was after 8 years of trying everything. 2 cycles of IVF later and still no baby…We found it hard to accept this lack of diagnosis. The invasive nature and expense of the IVF cycles really took a toll on my heath and our relationship. We heard about FertilityCare through a friend in Australia who had successfully conceived after 16 years. I was hesitant to begin with as I felt we'd tried everything. We started tracking using the Creighton Model and for the first time, I felt more than just 'a number', I felt like a real person. The appointments were so encouraging and helped us understand aspects of our fertility no one had ever explained before. After 3 cycles of accurate tracking and becoming our own fertility experts, we felt ready to see the NaproTechnology specialist. We never made it to the appointment, we conceived in our 3rd cycle of trying! Just by tracking. It was an amazing feeling to know we had conceived this baby naturally…two months to go and we can’t wait to meet her. Jacinta (45) and Mike (38)

Men have an equal claim on the right to this knowledge as women

At my request, for both health and other reasons, my wife and I started learning the Creighton model more than 12 months before we actually got married! As tracking monthly cycles and learning to observe a woman's bio-markers is something that men can and ought very much to participate in, we found this to be an enormous help in our time of engagement and general preparation for marriage itself. Because the accurate recording of what is happening is based on the agreement of both parties, with the man very much in the listening role, communication between the couple is greatly enhanced as sexuality and its expression through physical intimacy is firmly placed in its proper context. Growing in confidence and knowledge in natural fertility awareness/management amplifies the gift of the other person for the inner well-being of the relationship. It's an investment in your future, so if possible don't wait to learn. Edmund (41)

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