Family planning should be an integral part of a couple’s relationship. It is a privilege and responsibility of a couple to lovingly decide when to have children and how many to have.

An ideal method of family planning should be highly effective, have no long or short-term side effects, have reasonable cost, be aesthetically acceptable, and not cause any damage to natural fertility. A true method of family planning should enable you to be able to both achieve or avoid pregnancy.

It is important to accept that every system of family planning does have a ‘pregnancy rate’. There is no such thing as a 100% guarantee that conception will not occur if you engage in sexual activity. Many couples are surprised at this information.


When used to avoid pregnancy, the Creighton Model is highly successful in its goals. In a major study of method and use effectiveness to avoid pregnancy (Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 1998), 1876 couples used this approach for a total of 17,130 months of use in 5 different centres.

The method effectiveness to avoid pregnancy was 99.5%. This is equal to or better than any contraceptive measure, hormone or device on the market.

Effectiveness of Family Planning Systems
(Source: Contraceptive Failure Rates: Family Planning Perspectives. 1999)

Perfect Use Actual Use
Creighton Model 99.5% 96.8%
Contraceptive Pill 99.0% 92.0%
Condoms 94% 86%

See Comparison table of family planning methods

When used to achieve pregnancy, 98% of couples with normal fertility achieve a pregnancy within the first 6 cycles with use of the Creighton Model. 20-40% couples with diagnosed infertility conceive with use of the Creighton Model alone!

A significant amount of scientific data has now been published in peer review medical journals and textbooks regarding the scientific foundations of the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System for family planning.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare Chart is the most useful tracking tool available to maximise chances of conception. The figures and research results speak for themselves…

  • In the first cycle of charting and trying to conceive, more than ¾ of couples successfully conceived.
  • Within 6 months, almost 100% of couples successfully conceive.



Couples with Normal  Fertility Cycle by Cycle Effectiveness

1st Cycle 76.0%
3rd Cycle 90.0%
6th Cycle 98.0%

Reference: Hilgers, Daly and Prebil.
Cumulative Pregnancy Rates in patients with Apparently Normal Fertility and Fertility Focussed Intercourse.
Journal Reproductive Med 37 864 1992

Effective for ALL types of cycles

The Creighton Model is a particularly effective form of Natural Fertility Management for women experiencing

  • regular or irregular cycles
  • anovulatory cycles (no egg released)
  • abnormal bleeding
  • continuous discharges

as well as for women who are

  • breastfeeding
  • coming off the pill or other hormonal contraceptives
  • nearing menopause

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