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Having an informed understanding of how the body works is a wonderful form of self discovery. Self knowledge is both empowering and fascinating, drawing individuals into a deeper understanding of both themselves and others. This often creates deeper respect and a better ability to make healthy decisions for the future…

The Creighton Model System enables individuals to understand the ‘mystery of fertility’. In today’s society, much ignorance exists about how normal fertility works. In recent decades, society has tried to facilitate the workings of human fertility predominately through regimes of artificial fertility regulation. But with the growing awareness of environmental ecology, there is also a growing awareness of human ecology, and reproductive ecology in particular.

For many couples, child bearing is occurring later in life, often after many years of artificial contraceptive use. As awareness grows about the importance of healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management and the effects of pollution/toxins on health, many individuals are coming to realise the importance of protecting and preserving one’s fertility, without the use of synthetic chemicals, devices or barriers.

Apart from the natural health benefits, having an educated understanding of fertility creates a healthy respect for one’s body, seeing fertility not as something to be suppressed or impaired, but as a normal bodily function. With education and insight, individuals can make more informed decisions about family planning which are healthier physically, emotionally and relationally.

Listed below are some of the many out standing benefits of the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ system…

Shared responsibility

Sexual intercourse is a particularly beautiful aspect of a couple’s relationship and many couples are coming to realise that family planning is a key area of a couple’s relationship which should involve shared responsibility.

Unlike contraceptives, the use of the Creighton Model facilitates a shared role by both the man and the woman. Couples learn to understand and manage their combined fertility.

Sharing responsibility creates a deeper level of care and respect, strengthening the couple’s relationship and deepening the quality of the relationship.

Natural and safe- 100% ecologically sound

Because the Creighton Model uses the body’s natural in-built capacity to regulate cyclical fertility, there are no harmful side effects from any synthetic hormones, devices or barriers which work by suppressing, impairing or withholding natural fertility. Normal hormonal functioning is permitted to occur in the way it was designed to. This is important for couples who hope to achieve pregnancy in the future.

Couple focused

Because the Creighton Model ideally involves both the man and woman, the system focuses on the couple together, working to strengthen their relationship and encouraging the sharing of the process. Education to enable this ‘couple-focussed’ approach is a holistic part of the education process. Men are encouraged to be actively involved in the charting where possible.

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Deeper communication and intimacy

Good ongoing communication is the KEY to any healthy relationship. It is the foundational building block for a solid and lasting relationship. Any system that encourages couples to work together, naturally results in a more profound ability to communicate. This does wonders to deepen the level of emotional and physical intimacy between couples.

Many couples report how using the Creighton Model has helped them to appreciate one another in a new and exciting way, teaching them to communicate about this vital area of their lives. The ability to develop good communication skills in the area of sexuality and fertility, naturally spills over into other areas in a couple’s relationship, enabling them to communicate and develop deeper intimacy in many other areas of their lives.

Respects the human body’s natural design

Understanding how the human body works is a fascinating process. Sadly, most women lack such knowledge and have never been taught about the ‘mystery’ of their fertility and reproductive health. Many men too remain ignorant about their own fertility and how female fertility works.

To be able to explore this area of life together creates a deeper understanding and respect for the human body and the magnificent way it was designed. This in turn enables couples to make more informed decisions and choices about their fertility and reproductive health.

Holistic approach

The Creighton Model is taught from a holistic persepctive. Couples learn to address their fertility as it affects the many areas of their lives. This multifaceted approach assists couples in placing their sexual relationship and family planning responsibilities in the wider context of life. This frequently helps couples address areas such as stress and how to manage stress better as it pertains to this part of their lives. The influences of lifestyle and other factors on fertility are also addressed. While time is devoted to these topics during consultations, individual counseling is also available as part of the programme.

Women who learn the Creighton Model frequently report feeling empowered as they learn to read the signs of their fertility and become ‘in tune; with their bodies. This creates a deeper sense of self respect and self worth. As well as educating about fertility, the system encourages respect and understanding of your sexuality – which is a fundamental part of your entire person.

Through the use of the System, couples come to understand that true sexuality has many dimensions. The use of the Creighton Model assists couples in developing a balance to their sexual lives and in discovering the ‘inner soul’ of human sexuality.

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Quick and easy

No medical intervention, monitoring or medication is involved. Once couples receive professional instruction, they themselves become their own ‘fertility experts’, and learn to monitor their own fertility and reproductive health. Simple observation of the woman’s signs of fertility are quick and easy to make, and become a natural part of life.

Excellent reproductive tool for all women

The Creighton Model is far more that simply ‘another method’ of family planning. Because of the advanced medical and educational research that has gone into developing the Creighton Model, it is also a critical tool for the thorough and accurate evaluation and treatment of infertility and gynaecological problems. It is an excellent reproductive tool which enables specialist doctors trained in Naprotechnology, to provide targeted co-operative treatment which is highly effective.

Women and couples learn to monitor their own reproductive health by being aware of and able to detect abnormal patterns and signs which may indicate problems that require medical treatment. It allows women to be a ‘step ahead’ in the monitoring of their health and fertility.

Treat infertility, PMS and prevent miscarriage

Because the Creighton Model closely assesses the biomarkers or ‘signs’ of fertility and reproductive functioning, this same information can be used to evaluate in a systematic and thorough manner problems with infertility, miscarriage and PMS.


Ever thought about how much it actually costs to consult your doctor or gynaecologist for reproductive advice, or the cost of purchasing pills, condoms, IUD’s, coils or injections for your entire reproductive life?

The initial cost of learning the Creighton Model involves approximately 4-5 appointments. It is inexpensive compared with the ongoing cost of purchasing contraceptive measures. Once the system is learnt, there is very minimal cost apart from the inexpensive charting system used to record cyclical fertility.

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