How I discovered what true reproductive healthcare looks like!

Welcome! I’m Nicole,  a FertilityCare™ Practitioner, mother, friend, colleague, speaker, writer, nature and sports lover, and advocate for true reproductive health with 17+ years of experience in the area. Having worked internationally in the field, I am passionate about authentic holistic healthcare and in particular, women’s reproductive health.

But first and foremost, I am a woman. And like most of you, I grew up without the knowledge I needed to make the best choices for my reproductive health. However, I intuitively knew that mainstream medical options for dealing with cycle problems, infertility and family planning were not the best solution for truly addressing these key areas to get the best and healthiest outcomes.

In my early 30’s, I came across countless women and friends who were struggling to conceive. They had been offered no other option except artificial reproductive technologies such as IVF, which offered low success rates, failed to address the UNDERLYING REASON why they were not conceiving, and were invasive and expensive. They were also offered very little, if any, ‘diagnosis’. It was heart-breaking. I knew there had to be a better, more effective way to help couples achieve their heart-felt dream of becoming parents, while keeping their relationship intact, and improving their general health.


At the same time, I was also aware of countless women who were using all sorts of artificial measures to STOP themselves getting pregnant…regardless of the cost to their physical and emotional well-being. It seemed like a crazy schizophrenic situation to me…women desperate to avoid pregnancy, then later, desperate to get pregnant! I had no idea at the time, of the rising infertility rates and the havoc it caused for some couples.

I was determined to find a better way and decided to apply my allied health and education training to a NEW and EXCITING reproductive science that a medical friend and colleague introduced me to…and the results were ASTOUNDING! I had stumbled across a woman’s health programme that was actually focussed on ROOT CAUSES and who’s aim, was to FIX THESE UNDERLYING PROBLEMS.

After nearly 20 years in the field, I believe the solution to infertility/ miscarriage/ women’s reproductive health issues and artificial family planning measures is FertilityCare, and it has worked profoundly well for the 15,000+ clients world-wide who have availed themselves of this programme.

  • How to actually ‘take charge’ of your fertility & become your own ‘fertility expert’
  • Infertility success rates of 40%—50%
  • Recurrent miscarriage/PCOD success rates of approx. 80%
  • Women’s reproductive health treatment that actually focusses on ROOT cause issues
  • More effective, side-effect free family planning rates than most artificial means, while respecting and protecting your natural in-built fertility
  • Feeling energised and free of horrible PMS symptoms each month
  • Embracing your monthly cycle, without horrendous, heavy, painful periods or irregular cycles

You too can reclaim your life and reproductive health, whatever your situation. FertilityCare™ is about addressing ROOT CAUSES, because this is what transforms health, and optimises your fertility potential, not avoiding or side-stepping problems.

As a FertilityCare™ Practitioner, I am passionate about seeing women and couples as healthy, energised and happy as they can be, through attention to the individual detail that makes each person unique – to empower with the necessary knowledge, and to assist in the journey towards health, paying attention to hormonal imbalances, reproductive abnormalities, nutritional and hydration deficiencies, addressing stress, reducing the toxic load of environmental pollutants that can affect fertility and general health, looking at enjoyable ways to regularly exercise and feel energised, and the myriad of holistic ways we can improve the functioning of our body, mind and soul. In this way, we will always get the best results. Alongside a global professional team of medical and holistic practitioners and therapists who practice in this way, you can finally achieve your dream of TRUE reproductive health…the way it was designed to be!

I’m privileged to be on this journey with you…


Nicole Parker FCP. RN. BPE. BSc. Dip Ed.

Previous Training/Memberships

  • B. Physical & Health Education (University of Western Australia)
  • Post Grad. Diploma in Education (University of Western Australia)
  • B. Science (Nursing) (Curtin University, Western Australia)
  • FertilityCare Practitioner Training (PPVI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction. USA)

Nicole is a natural fertility expert and a health advocate for true women’s reproductive health education. She initially set up the UK’s first FertilityCare Centre in 2003, where she began working with clients with a range of reproductive health issues. She works in collaboration with NaproTechnology medical specialists to provide infertility and miscarriage treatment using NaproTechnology, a revolutionary approach to infertility and women’s reproductive health which accurately diagnoses and treats the underlying causes behind these issues instead of overriding them. Using this approach, the programme boasts many successes world-wide, including those who have suffered long-term infertility, failed IVF and endless miscarriages.

Raised in Perth, Australia, Nicole has lectured widely across the UK and Europe. She has been in demand as a speaker to various institutions, universities, ongoing education programmes for allied health practitioners and conferences. In 2004, she was asked to address the European Parliament in Brussels about her field of work and has spoken in the House of Commons (London, UK) about the importance of true reproductive health education.

Nicole offers face to face and telephone/skype appointments to clients locally and across the globe.


Affiliation and Professional Bodies

In order to practice, all qualified FertilityCare Practitioners must be accredited and affiliated with their local Academy of FertilityCare Practitioners as well as the American Academy of FertilityCare Proffessionals.

This international regulatory body ensures that only the highest healthcare service is provided with strict conditions of practice and code of conduct.

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