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Success Stories

Countless women and couples globally, have used the Creighton Model and the medical science of NaproTechnology with incredible success. Read about some of the many who have sought assistance with FertilityCare™ for Infertility, family planning, and women's reproductive healthcare...



Welcome to a lifetime of side effect free, medically safe & effective
reproductive health!

Whether looking at fertility from an infertility, miscarriage, family planning, or gynaecolgical perspective, so much ignorance exists regarding this vital aspect of our health. Few truly understand how their fertility actually works or realise that female fertility is cyclical and naturally manageable, with an incredibly high degree of accuracy.

Integrity FertilityCare™ was established to address the growing need for individuals to better understand and manage their fertility and reproductive health.

We aim to educate and assist

  • COUPLES WISHING TO MANAGE FERTILITY NATURALLY (avoid or achieve pregnancy) through the use of the Creighton Model
  • WOMEN WITH GYNAECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS such as irregular or absent cycles, PMS, unusual bleeding, heavy or painful periods, ovarian cysts, chronic discharges or endometriosis.

FertilityCare™ is an innovative system that truly addresses gynaecological health. It is an exciting new concept in reproductive healthcare because its focus is on the ROOT CAUSE behind problems that arise. It is a holistic approach that empowers individuals to make healthy reproductive choices regarding their fertility.

The primary principle behind this contemporary approach is that fertility is seen as a normal healthy condition. One that shouldn't be suppressed or tampered with. It aims to assist clients to monitor the signs of fertility, more fully appreciate the gift that fertility is, and live in harmony with this incredible aspect of one's health.

Where there are infertility issues, FertilityCare™ aims to ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSES and maximise a couple's fertility potential. As a result, success rates with this approach are superior than artificial reproductive techniques. Get Started Today!